15 February 2005

Dealin' In Herb

I shudder to turn this into a cosy family blog.

Nonetheless, after surfing on Blog Explosion I found this: Michael the Archangel (self styled).
Lets not go into politics, but at any rate I appreciate at least his latest post, about this, the little girl hauled up for suspected drug use after filling a polythene bag with mud in the school playground, which brings me back to my own family.

Time to introduce one of the two silver linings from my first marriage (you know, the 'educational' one) - Andrew, aka Andy to well, just about everybody.

Andy is 20, over confident and has holes in his pockets the size of Alaska. He also works as a crab fisherman off Grimsby and sometimes, as part of his training, on a smaller boat off Bristol, catching shrimp, or something. Built like Popeye now, he has calves and arms totally disproportionate to the rest of his otherwise gangly frame. He is also ADHD and whilst highly intelligent he has no fear, no cruise control (he's either full speed or stopped dead) and a cheerfully gynaecological vocabulary that would send obstetricians scurrying for the dictionary. He sings like an angel.

In school, aged 11, he was very nearly expelled. This is not unusual, pre-diagnosis it felt at the time that he was 'very nearly expelled' on a weekly basis. However in this instance he was caught at the back of the school yard, being, lets say, entrepreneureal.

He was selling stuff. To be precise he was selling a small sandwich bag containing dried sage, to an unwitting and gullible student who thought he was buying weed. The school had a complete meltdown and were dropping words like 'police' into the conversation, until I forced a couple of teachers to smell the bag, which by this time, although in their possession, was practically empty.

Andrew's defence, when it all died down and the issue at hand was at last the con that he was perpetrating?

He shrugged his shoulders, winked and said

"Well, I TOLD him it was herb.........."


Badaunt said...

I love it!

Did he get into (more) trouble after that? After all, he WAS telling the truth, right?

Cheryl said...

Yes, it was my sage, stolen from the kitchen cupboard. Yes he knew my displeasure!

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Thanks for the credit, I'm not sure if you liked my blog or not - but I appreciate it when folks give credit. Too much stealing going on out there.

Cheryl said...

Been blogsurfing and a little overfed on religion and politics (like I said, lets not go there), so didnt read more than your interesting post :-)

Michael_the_Archangel said...

But Cheryl - ALL my posting are interesting, just ask me (grin) :)

Again, thanks for the credit, glad you found it interesting.