20 February 2005

Political Compass

Surfing on Blog Explosion yesterday I came across moxiegrrrl's site (Hi moxie!) and her latest entry at the time, where she had taken the Political Compass test.

I love tests, but don't often post about them because most of them are so sad (or my results are so sad), anyhow, Tanaa! I am delighted to find that I am a left-wing libertarian, to about the same degree as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela (which suits me just fine) and not far off the Dalai Lama.

This explains a lot. I seriously doubt that, as far as UK politics go I would come up anywhere far from bog standard 'middle of the road', but against the kind of US enthusiasms that seem to be on every third or fourth post in the whole flaming blogosphere, yeah I guess I would turn up somewhere left of "hippy tree huggin' lentil muncher" or whatever the latest giggly buzz word is amongst the 'three-Big-Macs-for-breakfast-and-if-it-moves-shoot-it' brigade.

This would also explain why I suspect that the antichrist is a dispensationalist, sitting somewhere declaring world peace through shooting people and teaching the flock to love their neighbour provided he's not turbanned, black, gay, mexican, vegetarian or a member of greenpeace.

Apparently the Pope has his own suspicions (I'm not catholic) but I like this contender. Made my day, finding that.

If I wasnt perpetually stoney broke, I would have splashed for a Political Compass certificate, because of all the hysterically funny cartoons. The cartoonist, Ralph Izzard, lives just up the road from me in Brighton, which pleases me immensely.

From his self portrait (no link, you'll have to scroll down on the certificate page), the strong jaw and unruly hair, I have to wonder just how closely he is related to Eddie.

Doubtless, if he knew I was an incumbent of Seaford, Conservative bastion where the only prior citizen of note in the last 50 years was, allegedly and temporarily, a school age Fanny Craddock (aaargh), I think/hope my politics would make him choke on his cuppa / pint of Dark Star ale (heaven!) and then giggle. Seaford is one of those places where the women still wear glued down bobbed haircuts and curtain rings in their corduroy skirts to look 'feminine' in a gale force ten.

Real denizens call this place Sea-fawd. We newbie interlopers call it Sea-fudd, just to piss them off, and we're winning. And thats another story.


Badaunt said...

That Antichrist page is hilarious - but did you click on the Diana/Elvis link?


(Click on it QUIETLY. Some Elvis or Diana fan might be listening and decide they have to kill you.)

Cheryl said...

Aww that is brilliantly tacky! So hysterically naff! I lurve your sense of humour (not Elvis accent) and really appreciate you sharing that! Hahahahaha, thanks BA xx

MoxieGrrrl said...

Hi Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

yes it would be interesting to know who the antichrist is or the son of perdition