10 February 2005

Seriously Creepy

Was playing around with the new features on Blog Explosion and a bit wowed and creeped at the thought that this ramble of mine has made it into a couple of search engine listings.

Ok Ego going up.

Technorati has me listed, but only because other bloggers linked to my site! Hic Sob. Thanks to you, Paul, Silver, DDDD and 'Sindy', otherwise I wouldnt be on there at all.

Ego deflated like a cheap, erm, inflatable thing. I think it even squeaked slightly.

However, I came across a mystery and a brilliant read, because of this.

You just HAVE to read the SimplySindy blog - genius! Creeped me out to start with, except supposedly her last panicked post was made in September 2004, yet I only started my blog in November. Somehow I made it on to 'her' list of blog links post mortem. Phew, it has to be just a story, doesn't it?

Pretend I didnt say that and go and scare yourself silly. That or wait for the 'friend' who wrote the closing entry this month to add that it was a long and horrible passing from neglect and slow starvation.

No don't, that'd really give me nightmares..........

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