26 February 2005


Believe it or not I really really want silly questions!

I am doing a bit of volunteering, specifically I am trying to expand the FAQ on this site:


a brilliant new site for keeping tabs on UK politicians.

What I NEEEEEEEEEED you to do, no matter where you live (please pretty please with brass knobs on etc etc) is get in there, have a play, and come up with a genuine question, so I have got a few to answer.

Can't offer you anything for it (cos its voluntary, remember?) but will thank (and link to) every blogger who adds a decent Q.


Badaunt said...

Er... you said you are expanding the FAQ, but, well, where IS the FAQ? I can't find it! (And how silly is THAT?)

Is it the 'help' link?

OK, and here's a silly one that might work: Do/Will politicians read this site? Or respond to questions? Is that the ultimate aim?

She Weevil said...

Me too. Resident thicko. Where do you want us to put our questions. Not next to that stern man talking about police officers?

Cheryl said...

FAQ 1 To leave a comment on the actual site, you have to sign in and join up, so here please! :-)

She Weevil said...

Have signed up and left a question(Fiona MacLachlan-Morris). I left it on a parliamentary matter but it is not clear how to go about leaving site feedback other than merely emailing them. Is this what you wanted?

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

I am an American and do not have a UK postal code... sorry.

My question is .. How do we get the Prime Minister's Question Time here,,, it kicks some serious ASS !!

She Weevil said...

Okay here goes:

1. How do I post comments on something other than a hansard entry, feedback etc.
2. How do I see which MP is performing best/worst not just stats for my own MP.
3. Can I read transcripts of committe proceedings?
4. Is there a timeline for when information will be added to the site.
5. Can the list of MPs be sorted alphabetically by location instead of alphabetically by MP?
6. Is there a way of feeding an MPs last five or ten public comments i.e. newspaper interviews, TV interviews and attaching that to the MP?
7. Is there or can there be a links page with things like actual legislation cross referenced by MP proposing/rejecting the legisation.

Okay, not much to ask, somebody should be able to whip that lot up in an afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Coo. Excellent set of questions She Weevil and I wasn't even the one asking! -HW