09 February 2005

Rules Radar

Why is it that perfectly normal ordinary kids can learn to live (just about) within basic household rules such as don't tuck your toast down the gap in the sofa, dont hide smelly socks behind the curtain etc, yet when you have a week off sick or even just plain bleugh, when you wake up to the surroundings its like a sock and tissue bomb has gone off?

How do they know, the instant you fail to notice one misdemeanor, or correct one of your own, that they can treat the carpet like a bin bag without being murdered?

Or maybe - anti-housework as I am, just maybe I actually do some without noticing over the normal course of the day, but do I really pick up everything after everybody? Or just notice quickly enough to use the evil eye?

Whatever, coming round and taking my 'emergencies-only blinkers' off, there seems like more than a weeks worth of catch-up to do. Bugger, and yuk.

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