09 February 2005

Blog Explosion Competition!

Blog Explosion have a brilliant competition on this month - I quote:

Tired of your current Blog design?

For the month of February Blog Explosion will be awarding 3 lucky members with a free blog re-design !!

Me me me me me!!! Make it be me!

My friend and sister chocoholic Shelly started blogging about the same time as me, but got hooked, zoomed off on a massive learning curve (that left me standing, dumfounded, feeling decidedly thick) and now has SEVEN brilliant blogs on the go, all with fantastic graphics (or if you're American - Awesome). Heres the link to the chocolate one, but go by her profile and have a nose at the lot - I mean wow.

Coooeee! Blog Explosion! You are such NICE people! And my blog layout is so serious and basic! And I am so techno-dumb! Me me me me me - please?

Check out the girls they've asked to do the redesigns: Web Divas; talk about swish.

I would go green with envy, but the typeface would dissappear...............


D-Thinker said...

I have spent alot of work on my blog-design, only today I think I have got it, I do not want somebody else's design.though my design only really shines if you use opera browser.

Cheryl said...

I looked, I love, especially the 50's women in the background, but also layout etc. I just aint that bright!

Shelly said...

Actually, I'll be blogging a year in March. I started on AOL, where we don't get to change much, then got my first BlogSpot blog soon after, but they didn't have the new templates yet and I couldn't figure out how to change the old kind. When they added the new ones in the summer, I started Cyber Chocolate and pretty much became a hermit after work, trying to learn some html and how to manipulate the css templates. It's all in the experimentation. But I wouldn't mind winning that new design on BE either. My the best or luckiest blogger win. :)

Cheryl said...

I suspect its a draw out of a hat. If its not, I've probably done myself no favours advertising it like this anyway! Can seriously NOT see why you need it but GOOD LUCK! :-)

Shelly said...

I wouldn't mind working with someone to design an overall look for one of my blogs. I like what they look like, but Cyber Chocolate especially looks a bit tossed together. Lots of elements that could be more connected. I'd want my chocolicious photos incorporated, tho. Even if I don't win, I've been considering buying one design, just to see what I end up with. :)