26 February 2005

Annoying Little Bloggers Part Two

Following on from the feedback I got yesterday here is the updated list, so far.

  1. People who write ‘then’ for ‘than’ and vice versa
  2. People who blog in English as a bad second language in order to 'instruct'. I dont have any problem with people looking to learn, and to get feedback, but an annoying number seem happy with their limited language skills and seem to have acquired them only to spread the word about how they have the answers to life the universe and everything.
  3. Americans who describe themselves as ‘somewhere mid west’ like the whole bloody blogging community is in the USA
  4. Americans who announce National Such-and-such day without actually mentioning its IN AMERICA, because lets face it, no other English speakers can read anyway
  5. Anybody who doesn’t know where the spellchecker is, in Word
  6. The argumentative ‘in your face and down your throat’ bible-bashing style blogs from the far right and far left of American politics
  7. ‘My baby is perfect’ blogs
  8. Craft blogs
  9. Anything that looks like a Stepford wife wrote it
  10. Anyone who tries to ram a nauseatingly hammy catchphrase down your throat. I have real sympathy for some of a certain blogger’s more recent posts about her children’s issues, but when the hammy catchphrase turns up three or four times every post, it triggers my gag reflex. (Hi Kim, so glad that one was........clear!)
  11. 98% of blogs with poetry on
  12. Any blog with a flag in the title frame – because too many are either political, blinkered, or both, (but excluding nice ones like ViVi's, where the flags are international and tiny and sensible)
  13. Exclusive blogs - gays only, anti gay etc (will that do, No-one? I think your other observations are covered by 6.)
  14. Waffly space filler blogs like 'my trip to the shops' (ok BadAunt?)
The scary thing is, this is a personal list that was relevant yesterday. Today I am feeling uncharacteristically magnanimous, possibly due to the fear that this may become some sort of manifesto in itself, a declaration of what constitutes PC / non-PC blogging, which would be horribly right wing and self defeating. Live and let live (and thanks, Jennifer, for a real solid chuckle!)

All that said, any more for the list?


Mellie said...

Hehe I love the list!

dreaming-neko said...

man, you guys are tough, huh? :)

Badaunt said...

#1 could be more... inclusive. I've been collecting what I've started calling Bloggos (cf typos), and than/then is not the worst, by any means!

But some are (unintentionally) funnier and therefore a bit more forgivable. For example:
Intense soul bearing conversations
we are the minoritory
the food was deliscious, and
How do you spell disapointment? Well I sure was after watching the ending of that race.It's all absolutely halarious and leaves me in a brain damaged comma.(Gawd, how I love that brain damaged comma!)

Just another American Expat said...

Great post but...you have me running while holding a dictionary over my head for cover, for I am almost certain that I have hit the then vs. than snafu more then once. Also, being that I am an American, you do understand that we Yanks are born with a special prose for hacking the English language.