24 January 2005

Brian Bengston

(Footnote (haha): Hi Brian, saw your Omaha ISP surf through. I blogged you twice - see here - and remember all press is good press LOL. Next time I had at least found your blog)

Ever come across someone who just feels like tribe? Like you want to adopt them and be their mum/aunty/sister and go round grinning like a Cheshire cat because you are in any way associated?

Met this charming, unassuming kid (grief, hope he doesnt mind that tag) on a poets forum. Treated him like an equal because in my early ignorance I thought the site was full of equals - it just so happened that his poetry screamed like an electric guitar in the hands of a master, when, 'off stage' he is so straightforward and nice. Sorry, I couldnt help it, I got a bad case of mothering instinct, fell hard, wanted to send him cake and writing paper and hot water bottles.

I should add that he is living life to the best of his ability in between bouts of (eventually terminal) illness.

Brian's latest works are on Fanstory.com. If ever an American stole the crown for keeping a British stiff upper lip, this guy has done it. His works (such as this) are so incredibly honest and beautiful and heroic that they come across as the kind of black and white movie full of hope and love, that still has you snivelling through two boxes of Kleenex. They should be required reading at schools. Heck, his face should be up on bill boards. America should get itself a Poet Laureate and he should be it.

Trust me, I'm his mum (well I'm working on that!)

Heres his other, published stuff.

OK Confession time. I spelt his name wrong - It's actually Brian Bengtson, but hey, this is top of the google search list if you do what I did and get the s and t the wrong way round - hence no edit.

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