19 January 2005

So What IS Profanity These Days?

Really really extremely cheesed off. Insulted, disturbed, in a huff, fuming. Graaaaaaa!

I belong to a poets forum sort of site (I'm not going to give the link here) and some new guy has come along and put two new works up that I consider profane, which is against the Terms of site use. The site owner has decided the guy 'hasnt gone that far yet' so I am now left in confusion wondering what 'profane' means to some people.

Dictionary definition: having or indicating contempt, irreverence or disrespect for a divinity or something sacred.

There I was, skipping through the 'adult content' poetry section having a happy saucy time, only to come across this blast of fury which declared that God created the earth, basically, to screw her over. More than that he wrote it in the first person, as God, and described the physical human act of rape in some detail. His other piece was about stealing someones holy book and ejaculating on it in a toilet. This is one sick mind full of venom and scorn, I've never been that close to evil, or maybe this time it caught me by surprise. I complained that the work should at least have a violence rating as well as the sexual content warning, but that too was ignored.

I feel sick, but am told he hasnt gone far enough, so I just have to burn his name in my brain so I avoid reading his works, or leave the site altogether.

Great. If thats not profanity, what is?

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