28 November 2005


  1. I never washed the school uniform until Sunday afternoon.
  2. Last night I left it all in the tumble drier.
  3. Got up this morning to find that the condenser box was full, the drier had run on cold, and the clothes were still wet.
  4. When they were dry I rushed to fold just enough items, so there were no creases and they were warm and toasty, for putting on straight away, but I left the drier door open a little.
  5. I forgot about the rest of that load until there was more wet laundry to go in there.
  6. I just went to pull the last soft, white, school polo shirts, socks and underwear out of the drier and I couldn't.
  7. Because the cat was in there, asleep on them.
  8. Back in the wash.


Badaunt said...

I bet the cat appreciated it, though! (Until s/he had to move, that is...)

Writer Mom said...

You did move the cat first, right?

fineartist said...

Heeeeeeee. Sounds like that hairy goomer found a heat source...she probably liked the fresh smell too.

Cheryl said...

Yes he was toasty warm and snuggly - I wish I'd grabbed the camera, but was too busy being surprised.

Yes WM he escaped the wash.... just ;-)

Ally said...

Ah, but it's so nice and warm in there and they smell soooo good after you've washed them ...