08 November 2005


There are two obvious similarities between me and Writer Mom so far.
  1. We both miss Zilla like crazy (OK WM knows her better but ride with me, here)
  2. Neither of us got our act together for NaNoWriMo, even after enthusing about it to others.
Even now its not too late to start, but there are one or two essential prerequisites such as time, or a plot. C'est la vie.

Has anyone else noticed how all the best laid plans are somehow detouring of their own volition?


bart said...

oh dear, you're still having trouble with the procrastination and/or preoccupation thing?

time? what's that? perhaps something from the fiction department...

fineartist said...

Dear Cheryl,

I just checked and there are twenty-two days, four hours and fifty-two minutes left, until the end of national novel writing month.

If you look at it just right, that’s only eight days shy of a month. You CAN still do it….and you could post each section/chapter that you come up with….and we could devour your words.


“Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”--Gene Fowler

Then again, if you decide to pass this year, have NO guilt!

Xxx, Lori

zilla said...

Has anyone else noticed how all the best laid plans are somehow detouring of their own volition?

Well, yes. I have. Sometimes for the better (no disasters on my trip!) and sometimes for the worse (let's just skip that for now).

Plans, ech. Let's just not make any for a while and see what shakes down.

jane said...

this must be very popular. yours is the 3rd blog i've read about this thing. yeah though, i think a plot is necessary.

Writer Mom said...

Hee! I'm sorry I missed this.
I'm thinking we've got lots more in common, which is very nice to know, considering we live on different continents.
Perhaps you and I need to start a Na-No Year?
November 12th, 2006.
I will look for your name on the Booker Prize List soon thereafter.

I've been reading Zadie Smith this last week...you can take her!