12 November 2005

Outside The Box

Right now I am totally, completely and for ever enamoured by Bart.

Bart is the man.

His lovely wife and his girls had better just know they have a real goodun (I think they do) - because he is the sort I would move heaven and earth to fix up with a good woman, the sort I would call brother, the sort I would get into a fist fight for.

He's alright, is Bart. There arent too many Barts in the world and I have no shame in putting this prime example of a Good Guy on the pedestal he deserves.

Bart - you rock. So does my Husband, so does Milt, so do many others out there, but its a bit like spotting diamonds in the coal mountain, you are rare and to be applauded.

What brought this on?

THIS POST. Just a cartoon, but just what the doctor ordered - moreso because it was uploaded by a good man.



Host of Spirits said...

Nice one...

I now have that graphic as wallpaper rofl

bart said...

thanks for the vote of confidence my dear, badly needed and greatly appreciated, sincerely...

jane said...

hahahaha omg Cheryl, your humor always surprises me & by now, it shouldn't. I literally laughed my ass off on that one! I thought it was going to be something romantic, but no, no, no.

fineartist said...

Cheryl what was it you keep saying, murder but never divorce? Heheeeeeee.

Bart must have been reading your mind. Heh.