25 November 2005

Starbucks Challenge 2

I really like the idea of bloggers working together to make a difference, so if you fancy being part of a huge conspiracy (hehe) or to put it another way, you wouldn't mind doing one quick job as a volunteer secret shopper, heres what to do:
  1. Walk in to your local Starbucks
  2. Ask if you can get a cup of FAIR TRADE coffee
  3. Enjoy your coffee! (If you can get it)
  4. Come back online and report the result you got to these guys.
I can't play because, heck, we're not very civilised round here and we haven't actually got a Starbucks - which, to be frank, doesn't phase me in the slightest. Hallelujah for that, even.

Nonetheless, the company made a public promise and they've been caught out once for not keeping their word and claim to have resolved it. Apparently not so well. As a consumer, I like to know which stores are untrustworthy, regardless whether thats because of incompetence or plain lies.

Thanks to Siel (Green LA Girl.)

P.S. If you manage to play along before Nov 30th then theres a little prize for one or two lucky participants as a thank you. If, however, this whole 'say one thing, do another' issue gets your blood boiling (please notice how I tactfully avoided accusing a large, wealthy retail chain of out and out BS-ing the public), then I don't suppose it matters one jot if you think to test the local shop in the first weeks of December, I'm sure Siel and City Hippy would still want to know.

Pass the word!


doris said...

Cynic mode kicks in.... am I supposed to pay for this free trade coffee - in which case this is a wonderful marketing exercise for them (all those one cups who otherwise wouldn't have bought one add up); and how do I know I am getting Free Trade coffee and not something else topped up in the tin?

Nevertheless, if I happen to be passing one and am in the mood I will oblige :-)

Badaunt said...

I can just imagine it.

"Can I have a cup of Fair Trade coffee?"

"Eh? Nani?"

(It's not in the manual.)

Writer Mom said...

I will have the hubbie try. I am a coward.

Siel said...

Glad you joined in :) Too bad you can't take the challenge yourself -- but then I guess you're lucky :)