23 November 2005

Lady Lou - You Know Who You Are

This post is dedicated to a particular friend who has refused to be a Lou for her very own Andy.
Yup, that was it.

Confused? Its a UK TV show - Little Britain.


doris said...

Ha-ha! :-)

"Lou is a 'helper' and spends his days helping his wheelchair-bound friend, Andy, who’s grumpy and monosyllabic. Andy, however, is not all that he seems. When he wants to, he is quite able to walk, climb and even dive - something to which Lou is oblivious as he devotes his life to catering to Andy's whims.

from bbc.co.uk"

Cheryl said...

Yes, thank you!
I hadn't thought to explain - some might think I was suggesting something else entirely.


doris said...

Well I'm sure we are all wondering who Lady Lou is?!

Those two are very funny but you know, when Little Britain first came out I was not too impressed with it.

Another funny one is Catherine Tate and it grabs the kids by the short and curlies when I suddenly come out with "Am I bovvered?" in tense situations! (Maybe I should remember that phrase in other situations?!)

Tanda said...

I love British comedy!! I got sucked into "Who's Line Is It, Anyway" with ole Clive. There are a couple more that I loved watching when I HAD cable. Maybe Santa will pay my cable bill for me this year. :0)

Happy Day!!