27 November 2005

A Knob By Any Other Name....

Searching for a picture of one of these:
I came across these:
According to a site for Kentucky Fiddlers (of the musical variety one assumes,) they are apparently known as the Blue Knob Boys.

Is there something going on in Kentucky that we should know about, or does the word not translate across the pond?


Ivy the Goober said...

hmmm... I would picture the first knob you pictured. If asked to picture a knob :)

But then I have also people say, "I'm gonna scrob your knob" Never knew what that meant, and probably never will!

Cheryl said...

Unless you have a penis I doubt it means what I meant.... (!)

fineartist said...

Ah yes, the Blue knob boys, thank God they didn't use the color purple here. They most likely live on or around knob hill. I'm guessing.

You have to go through knob town to get to my dad's house, I will never be able to drive through knob town again without thinking in terms of penis town...I'm a sicko that way. xxx, Lori

Cheryl said...

Hmm blue is just as worrying - suggests a loss of blood, if anything.

zilla said...

The only thing anyone should know about going on in Kentucky is Dayton Underground, from my links list ;-)

I love the bluegrass state!