27 November 2005

Just To Complete The Set

To keep in the same vein (pun) as the previous three posts and to have an entire front page dedicated to knobs (English meaning) of one form or another, did you know that there are:

All known as (The) Willies/Willys?

Apparently the Brothers Grimm also wrote a fairy tale entitled The Boy Who Wanted The Willies.
Well I never. I don't remember THAT turning up in any childhood library books.

A Dongle is now a hardware device for protecting copyright, apparently. I'd love to meet the geek who thought up THAT one.

Oh todgers.


doris said...

What on earth is going on in your mind tonight?! I'd like to know why you were google searching for pics of knobs but I dare not ask! ;-)

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Apart from trying to knock the maudlin post off the front page by posting any old tripe I can imagine, it actually started with a conscious effort to post about 'something completely different' and then moved on from the Monty Python nude piano man that goes with that phrase.
Do you mean to say you never watched Monty Python as a kid, looking for an unguarded flash of his wangdoodle?

Library Lady said...

Okay, Cheryl, now you've asked for it--if you go to:


You will see the "willie" site of all "willie" sites!

And I know about this because my spouse has at least one of these books. BTW, they're illustrated by Peter Mayle of "Toujours Provence" fame!

Host of Spirits said...

Just had to tell you .. are you aware that 'the vineyard' is not far from the town on 'Condom' and they have a museum dedicated to the things - yes, it's the place where condon's were invented !!

Cheryl said...

Library lady - thanks for the link!

I'm not sure I subscribe to the myth that these things have a mind of their own, particularly not when some men like to claim it has a stronger will than they do (the 'you made me, I can't help it' brigade), but even for that its still amusing. I think. I thought that cartoon died out in the seventies, so was a blast from the past.