07 November 2005

Psycho Bunny

OMG I love these.

I love them sooo much that I'm going to stick them all down the side of this post. They are only fridge magnets, available from AllPosters, but they really cheer me up.

You know those days that are total poop? No, scrap that, those days in the middle of a month that is already total poop when something so mindboggling happens that all you can do is walk round with a fixed grin being incredibly polite and patient, while the back of your mind just keeps going "WTF??"

Those are the days when finding these can make all the difference; the difference between worrying that you are losing your handle on reality and knowing that in fact its the world that is SNAFU.

I also love some of the current acronyms, all listed at The Urban Dictionary (so ROFLMFAO, DOF!)
Sometimes I scan back over a few of my posts and worry that they sound bitter or twisted, but then warped and evil can be just what the doctor ordered, some days.

Funny thing, I know damn well that if I had the money to buy these adorable trinkets, they would lose their punch, so for now, say once every three or four months, I go find them.

And when I do, it makes me smile. It feels like home.


Ally said...

They are brilliant :). I like 'lets keep notes on who pisses us off' best :).

jac said...

Incridible that you found a simple topic as a fridge magnet can be so hilarious in a post. lol
I like it.
My first time, but I will be back

JJ said...

I love these bunnies too! Makes my 9 year old wonder about me...lol.

jane said...

you're having a time like that too? so am i. it seems a lot of people are, it just feels so devastating.
those cute bunnies made me laugh too. urban Dictionary is a hoot in itself.
I hope your spirits are up, soon.

bart said...

bwahahaha... lovely pictures, got me smiling this time :D
thanks, i needed that...

mommyguilt said...

my daughter has a t shirt that says, "I like you, but you smell." It's too funny! We LOVE these bunnies!

fineartist said...

Omg, I MUST use that last one...at school...when I hear slipknot blasting from headphones. Ya, I'm getting old, okay, I AM OLD.

What a good laugh. Thanx, I needed that too.

Writer Mom said...

The last one is my favorite, too. Too many wannabe rock stars over here in the U.S.

How is the novel coming along? I feel like a fink for not doing it, but this fall was against me. Maybe next year.

ella m. said...

That company makes every thing from t shirts to mints ( those are my favorite of the bunch...the box is labeled POISON, then that is scratched out and mints for friend is written in a childish scrawl underneath)

zilla said...

Oh, I want the pink bunny magnet about school and life sucking -- for Hamster who she hates school and life equally, lucky me! I need a new bunny magnet, one that somehow acknowledges that it's going to take me all week to catch up with my dailies (my linked blogs) and I ought to be shot for being so pokey about it. I should have insisted all of you suffer an Amish grounding (no electricity) during my trip, but alas, I had no foresight, as usual. I should be shot, drawn and quartered (whatever that means), butchered, and everything else that wicked bunny can come up with. I'll be back after dinner for more madness ... damnitalltohell why can't they feed themselves tonight!

Liesl said...

the bunnies are great. I saw them a while ago myself and couldn't stop ROFLMFAO ;)