15 November 2005

Doing the Chicken

Everybody join in:

1. Get angry
2. Notice children or anally retentive types staring.
3. Smile in a slightly unnerving fashion, a la Stepford Wife or Politician-without-a-script
4. Bend knees
5. Bring hand up to shoulders and stick elbows out a bit
6. Maintaining the smile and stary eyes; pinch nose, begin to strut around, flapping elbows, with knees still bent and call:
7.Fwarc! Fucfucfucfucfucfuc. Fwarc! Fucfucfarc!
8.Repeat as necessary.

Trust me, its therapeutic.

P.S. This post doubles as my entry to fineartist's Self Portrait Tuesday. Its OK. This was last Christmas. The tablets helped.


Prydwen said...

The men in white coats are outside as we speak

bart said...

whahahaha... excellent self-portrait, and it's Tuesday as well :)))

did you know that a recently deceased Australian television presentor was prosecuted in the 1970's for his crow calls during one of his programmes... the "faarck, faarck" went just a little too far for the poor, sensitive viewers...

doris said...

I'm really sad. Call me strange.... call me a geek but I can't see that mad woman in the front of the picture.... I just see that juicy flat screen monitor in the background. This is the second time I have come back to look at the picture and the monitor is winking at me. I'm green eyed and off to lick my wounds ;-)

Cheryl said...

We have no room!

It was cheaper to get a little flat screen than to get a new house - beneath it the 'desktop' is only 18" deep, to fit the space I had. A bargain basement dressing table hehe.

Then again I do also have a really good, high backed, proper office swivel chair. Heaven.

Feel better, Doris? ;-)

zilla said...

This self portrait is fwarc, fucfucfuc-ing awe inspiring. Priceless!

Chep said...

I so wish I would have read this earlier today - I think I would have spent my day walking around like a chicken!!

Nice pic BTW - makes me think of one from college.....

fineartist said...

That’s it, you, you ARE the most fwarcking fun human being in the Universe!

I’ve said it, I mean it.

Have you seen Z’s yet?

Gaaaa, we are such a mad band of gypsies, good thing we stick together, you know, to make sure we all take our meds……xxx, Lori