23 November 2005

Fair Trade - Please React Today

Just got this by email


120 days ago LIVE 8 rocked the world. Whilst the boys and girls with guitars made some noise, 3.8 billion of you turned up, tuned in, or logged on to show you wanted to change the world.

Well 5 days after the LIVE 8 concerts - the G8 leaders met... and they had heard us. It was an historic meeting which achieved more than any G8 in history. These are the commitments that YOU helped the 8 most powerful men in the world to make...

  • $50 billion more aid per year by 2010
  • AIDS drugs to all those who need them, and care for all AIDS orphans
  • primary schools for ALL children by 2015
  • a commitment to protect 85% of vulnerable Africans against malaria and
  • debt cancellation for 18 of the world's poorest countries
Oxfam reckons that if the G8 keep their promises, by 2010, these commitments will save 4.5million lives per year. You personally helped to make that happen. That's a hell of a result.

Now... the next part of this story is about to start - and there's another HUGE opportunity coming up. We HAVE to change the unfair trade laws so that people in extreme poverty have a chance to build themselves a future.

The crucial talks are happening right now, and the main man there is Peter Mandelson. The talks aren't going well - in fact they're in pretty desperate straits - and there's a real chance they're going to fail completely.

But we absolutely can't let that happen without one last push, and without letting them know that the people of the world still demand a result. Mandelson needs to know that we want him to do everything he can, and more, in the interests of the poor. You can tell him this in literally 30 seconds by clicking here and emailing him. Please do it RIGHT NOW - JUST CLICK HERE - it's INCREDIBLY SIMPLE and if you do it, WITHIN 20 MINUTES YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE WILL BE IN HIS INBOX. 2 million of you are getting this email today. That's a seriously powerful message. It's a real fight - but we need you once again to line up shoulder to shoulder with the poorest people in the world to stop them getting screwed.

We will NOT let our world leaders fail in their duty to stop the scandalous deaths we see on the news every night. Send the email. Do it.

Do it now. Click here.

Bob Geldof

Be my guest - copy this, spread it around, share it by email or just plain follow the links!


doris said...


That was easy.

Can't believe that after G8 it is being left to Mandie to carry it through. I'm afraid I do not see that guy as having anyone's interests at heart. I hope I am wrong.

jane said...

when G8 happened, I didn't even know what it was about until afterwards.
I'm glad this time I can take part & help to make a difference. Thanks for spreading the word.

Siel said...

Maybe you'd also be interested in the Starbucks Challenge?

fineartist said...

I went in, I clicked. Just one question, what the heck is a postal code? Oh well, I used the one posted, after trying to use my zip code....

Thanks for letting me in on this, good stuff Cheryl.