26 May 2006

Calmer Classrooms

A while back I blogged about a system called calm classrooms, a range of music designed to promote alpha waves - calm bodies and alert minds. They are now called calmer classrooms, a gentler name which acknowledges its place as a tool for already succesful teachers.

The original post is here (lots of technical info, link to sample and news reports) but of more pleasure to me were the comments:

Le Laquet, a teacher, said she wanted to download and play it to her UK primary class

Fineartist, another teacher (a 2006 Walmart teacher of the year, actually!), was off to recommend it for the brain gym programme at her US college

Zilla used it perfectly - only noticing a change in mood when it stopped - she said she felt annoyed! That's not strictly true (although I know just what she means), Zilla simply felt the contrast between returning to a natural state for her (given the day, issues etc) and the assisted calmer state that had been caused by the alpha waves in the music.

Writermom loved the sample and intended to test its effect on her ASD son.

That's exactly what I did, except, by making contact with the composer, I managed to get hold of one of the last sets of CDs available for now. The ten long tracks (10 CDs!) vary tremendously from the tweety bird sample (off disc 1) through calm seas, stormy seas and off toward rock music, so theres something for everyone, yet all of them work the same magic. Aspergers Son uses them on his personal CD before and after school, very willingly, and the results appeared in the news report at the bottom of this post, as well as an article in the Special Needs press.

The good news is that the system is now available as a licenced download, so that as many licences as required may be bought by a school or organisation, then the music can be accessed and selected via the net for playing straight into the classroom or wherever the licensed teacher/individual happens to be.

The really excellent news is that CalmerClassrooms.co.uk is offering interested parties a 30 day free trial, so you can play the stuff 24/7, experiment with whether it helps and is beneficial to you or your class, get to know all the different tracks and generally evaluate before committing to a year's licence.

Anyone interested in this offer should visit the calmerclassrooms website, or email info@calmerclassrooms.com, quoting reference CW30.

Pass the word!

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She Weevil said...

I think this is very interesting - I did find the sample you put up before made me feel calmer. I might even suggest it to someone at work if I'm feeling a bit more inclined.

Le laquet said...

I am waiting for this to be available and have also been playing a lot of beatles recently ... something to do with the deat of the music and heart beats?? It's very calming in the lunch hall ~ working wonders!