17 May 2006

What's Up, Doc?

Found the link below over at The Moai's place, Kalahari Lighthouse.

It is a wonderful list of phrases in the Yorkshire dialect, composed for the sake of European doctors who might come over to practice in the UK having only learned the standardised version of the Queen's English. These are all to do with the body and physical conditions such as menstruation.

The fact is that, barring a few references to football teams and numbers (I always thought a number two was something else), most of the words seem to be in common usage across most of the country.

That's when I thought of you guys, specifically my American friends, as this might help clear up a few word choices in some of my older posts, or those of any other Brit friends whose blogs you read.

Oh I have to correct myself, I say 'niggling', not 'noggling', and I hadn't heard about fishdocks before. But I jolly well have now.


Ally said...

That's very enlightening. And whilst it's not included in the translation (being from the West Country), it does provide some insight in to that great Wurzel's classic "Keep Your Hand On Your Ha'penny". :).

Cheryl said...

Tuppence, sixpence, ha'penny - I think it was any coinage that came as a 'bit', for people too dainty to say 'your bits'?