08 May 2006

One of those days

Well, two of them, if you count yesterday.

PURLEEASE share below or direct me to your blog if plans and the rest went belly-up and/or base over apex for you too.

It wasn't such a bad time - actually extremely productive. I know this because I kept a mental count of the amazing number of 'other' things I was having to do instead of those I'd planned.

I wanted to spread some linky lurve in honour of both Ally and ME Strauss who have done as much for me. This will take time and thought, especially for the indie virus, as I have to follow all my own links from last time to work out who I praised already.

I wanted to send some carefully worded emails to the County re: the magic non-appearing SEN statement, school admission letter, uniform list etc etc, and it would have been nice to be further ahead with little things like the washing up, by this time of the evening.

I've wanted, for at least 24 hours, to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody who played along with the poetry challenge and who gave me hours of endless fun on Sunday, not to mention a new realisation that even a speck of raw, unrefined talent for such things can rust and go to pot if not exercised regularly. Yup, more exercise, thats definitely what's called for.

Anyway, how has your day been? Have you spent the hours carrying other people's loads up other people's mountains? Are you stood, exhausted and fulfilled from a day of achievement, but looking at your own tasks for the day still at the bottom of the valley, just where they were this morning? Me too.

Hey ho, there's always tomorrow.


zilla said...

Today seems to be about being thwarted in one way or another. Can't do the thing next thing on the list because of this or that glitch needing to be addressed first, so it's hurry up and wait, and, well, just ICK. So what am I doing? Sitting on my arse, moaning, thinking a nap sounds really nice.


doris said...

To a certain extent, anything that I have needed to do has not been done today but I have been very active on other fronts and in small ways bringing light, hope and cheer to three other families! OK, that might be a bit over the top in its description and I'm bigging it up in order to make up for my not doing any work as such today. It is like I have done quite a bit for others again today (in small ways) and done well but really I need to pull the proverbial finger out and prioritise.

So yes, a productive day but for others.

As for your off the cuff poetical talent - if that is unpractised then we'll need to wear armour if you practise. Great stuff - thanks for the entertainment.

PS Word verification = conkm

Stegbeetle said...

You gave us hours of fun on Sunday - so "thank you".
And yes, there's always tomorrow - God help us!

ME Strauss said...

Hey Sweetie,
No bother. It's been a day it seems for all of us in one way or another. Let the world turn and turn and there will be another day. We'll all still be here loving you tomorrow and the day after that.

Writer Mom said...

What they said. Hugs and praise, and golly, I do so admire your poetic mind. Even when you think you're in need of exercise. You put my poetic fitness at the same level as a five hundred pound man who eats a dozen fried eggs for breakfast.

My spring has been a bunch of humbuggery, and this weekend looks to be a Mother's Day theme of insecure people trying to one up each other with their exciting adventures and prospects. I won't even bother describing the fulfillment I've found in blogging, the incredible people I've met around the world who share my sentimentalities and fuel my soul with inspiring stories that have a positive effect on me nearly every day.
Nope. No point trying to explain.
I'll just sit back while sipping an alcoholic beverage and hope to God you'll all be interested in reading my observations later on.