15 May 2006

Quote Of The Week

Son (11) has just come home from junior school.

In a very matter-of-fact and disgusted tone, having complained about this, that and the other, he said:

"Oh and I had to have sex education today. I have to have it all bloody week. Teacher was just going over all the real names for things and one of the girls asked 'why do the boys have to learn about us?' and the teacher said 'good question!' and went on for another bloody half an hour. So now I have all these mental images at lunchtime and my cheese and peanut butter sandwiches were tasting weirder and weirder."

Poor little sod, although perhaps the expectation of the tang of cheese and peanut butter will slow his development at some crucial point later on. A mother can only hope.


doris said...

Peanut butter and cheese?!!!

Ha-Ha! Poor thing but so eloquently put.

Sherri said...

oh my! ...poor fella.

...I like how you write!

Michael Manning said...

How funny! WE never had sex-education and my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches still tasted "weirder and weirder". Very entertaining, although I'm sure your son won't agree with me until several years from now!


Stegbeetle said...

Brilliant! Poor little sod, indeed but bless him, mental images making his sarnies taste funny.
Perhaps if schools were to teach sex education immediately before dinner then it might have a beneficial effect on both the rate of teenage pregnancies and the rise of obesity in teenagers. Or produce a generation of sex-averse anorexics. Or of food fetishists. Hmm, there's always a problem.

Library Lady said...

Sounds like my 11 year old GIRL!
(Except for the peanut butter and cheese sandwiches that is!)

zilla said...

Steg's got the idea :-)

Thanks, Cheryl. As I sit here waiting for an "all clear" this was exactly the tonic I needed.

Hale McKay said...

xndCheese with peanut butter?
...Hmmm, I see a quandry? When I have peanut buuter sandwiches , am i going to think of sex? Worse, when having sex, will it conjure up images of peanut butter sandwiches?

jane said...

omgosh that made me laugh. It reminded me in 5th grade, when they had all the girls in the auditorium while we watched a film describing our anatomies. When we all exited, all the boys were waiting outside hoping we'd show them the pamphlets we were given.

Your poor, poor son. That is mortifying, LOL.

fineartist said...

God love him, what a hoot.

Loved stegs reasoning, power of suggestion and all.

Cheryl your boy, he's a fine one, I dig him.

Tomorrow he'll be saying, Miss, keep in mind we all have to eat after this lesson...paaalease? Heeeeeeee.

Le laquet said...

Bless him, and it has to carry on all week ~ sheesh! What are they telling them? And I love peanut butter and cheese!

The Jamoker said...

bad news...the exact opposite will happen. now, the cheese and peanut butter will lead him astray!!!