10 May 2006

About Son

Its only a note, and probably not of interest to many, but if anyone wondered why Son rarely gets mentioned these days, its because I've transferred all the relevant posts about his Aspergers, as well as all the emails to and fro with County, over to a separate blog.

I did it to have everything in one place, but now find I update about his life there without duplicating here.

Its not an attempt at running a million blogs, its just that keeping this one for other issues somehow feels like a little holiday, like visiting my friends for a natter without dragging the same old moan to the fore. Its doing me good.

Anyway, in case anyone thought, that's why.


She Weevil said...

you could always try that email posting thing; that way if you do want to post to both you would surely just include both emails? This works in my head but given how much green stuff is there it might not necessarily in real life.

Cheryl said...

However, its actually quite nice returning this blog to nonsense and keeping all the real life interactions out of it, it becomes again a place where I don't have to wear my work clothes, you know?

She Weevil said...

Absolutely, I do. Sometimes I think mine is just one long sniff and whine.

How did you get on with the CP thing?

Ally said...

I think it's a good idea, and I'm glad you mentioned it, because I *was* wondering :). I mentioned over on Steg's site the other day that reading both his and your experiences have made me much less scared about the possibility of adopting aspie kids.

fineartist said...

I was wondering how that little guy was doing too, now I'll just pop over to the other blog and find out.

I had two blogs once, the other has cob webs and dust covered pages now, it was way too much for me to handle, the two of them.

That's it, from now on you are super blogger in my mind's eye, but mostly you are just one of the finest people I know! And I know lots of people.