05 May 2006

Another Life Changing Post

My bay tree is flowering.

Isn't that nice.

Normal brain function will be resumed as soon as possible.


doris said...


My mexican orange blossom bush is blossoming for the first time :-)

Ally said...

So is mine. And I found a Surprise Violet in a crevass in the paving slabs yesterday.

Have a nice weekend :).

Annie said...

Have you seen the price of bay trees in the shops? My Mum has a bay tree in the garden and I keep suggesting that she tries to grow some in those lollipop shapes. I've got violets in my back yard. I'm glad that some of them have started growing in my pots so that I can take them with me. One of the things I'm really looking forward to when I move in with my parents is their lovely garden, and being able to do some standing up gardening.

Writer Mom said...

I thought this was a metaphor, but I wasn't sure what the bay tree represented.
I need to go watch some crappy TV for awhile.

Cheryl said...

Theres metaphor in there somewhere. Yes the bush is really flowering, little stubby yellow green things that you have to stare at to work out that they are flowers, and given the length of my usual posts it was a statement on both my mental blankness and the insignificance of a totally wasted day.

And I am procrastinating from rhyming