17 May 2006

Out Of Order

I stole the following, completely, from fuzzbox over at blugstuff, where I have lurked for many moons.

Its his article. He wrote it. If you want to add a comment then it would be manners to comment on his blog not mine, but speaking personally, I'd sooner you just copied the whole thing and blogged it, to spread the word.

Paris Isn't The Only Hilton That Sucks

Something has come to my attention that flat out sickens me. It is starting to become big news but since it has just come to my attention, I thought that I would speak my piece about it.

Fran O'Briens Steakhouse, located inside The Hilton Hotel in the Capitol, has been serving free steak dinners to veterans from Bethesda Naval Hospital, who have been injured during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The cook there went so far to make sure that all guests would enjoy their outing that for one patient who had lost his lower jaw, he perfected a way to puree a steak and make it not only edible but tasty.

During lease negotiations the owners of the steakhouse requested that the hotel fix a lift so that handicapped veterans could have fair and equal access to the restaurant as the law prescribes. The only entrances to the restaurant were a stairway, ( the escalator broke in 1998 and the hotel will not fix) or through a service lift located through the security desk and a coat room. Instead of installing an elevator to fix the problem, Hilton Hotel Corporation chose to provide equal access by evicting the owners and closing the restaurant down. Nothing like good sound business decisions, huh.

It will be a cold day in hell before I ever stay in a Hilton Hotel or any of their subsidiaries: Conrad Hotels, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, and Scandic. Another suggestion that I have seen mentioned is the letter writing campaign with a twist. When you are staying at a hotel ( not any of these listed ), use that hotels stationary and write a letter to Hilton Hotel Corporation telling them just what you think of their attitude towards veterans and the handicapped addressed to:

Thomas Keltner,
Executive Vice President,
Hilton Hotel Corporation,
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
FAX: 310-205-4599

Taken from Blugstuff by fuzzbox


zilla said...

I'll spread the word -- we've got 8 - 9 associates traveling 150 - 180 days per year.

Cheryl said...

Good one, Zilla, thank you!

The Lady Muck said...

I don't stay in hotels (too poor lol), but I know non-bloggers who do, I'll pass it on. I love it when you get political. Right on :-)

Cheryl said...

Thank you!
Twice - as in for the compliment also


:P fuzzbox said...

Thank you so much for helping spread the word. And thanks so much for visiting my humble blog. Don't be such a stranger to my comment section. Lurkers are always welcome but it soo nice to hear from people. I shall return.

zilla said...

Spoke to Mr Z in New York. We're not lining Paris's pocketbook tonight, and he's putting the word out to the others.

Actually, Mr Z kind of giggled. While some of our guys enjoy billing a client for a deluxe room, Mr Z has always been an independently owned and operated B&B fan, because of the included breakfast, you know. (He's a cheap bastard, is what I'm saying.)

Tonight he's in a New York Neighborhood so apparently unsafe he's reluctant to wander out for a Hershey bar after dark.

Very well, then. He may retain his current girth, as opposed to watching it expand :-)

Annie said...

Awful, but par for the course these days. Does any business give a shit about anything but making more money. Grrr. I don't stay in hotels either, but I'm right behind you 'zilla.