03 May 2006

Knees Up, Mother Brown!

I seem to recall that somebody recently asked me what a 'knees up' was.

Its a party.*

Doris has suggested a Virtual Party - I can't say I was much in the party mood when she had that stroke of genius, but the idea is growing on me.

So, imagine we are having a full bells and whistles get-together.

I'm torn between bringing party whistles and bringing a troupe of Chippendales, which I thought was also a stroke of genius but may in fact only be the potential for one. Or two.

Doris seems to fancy a 1950s childrens party with pass the parcel and treasure hunts that involve following lengths of wool up and down the house, with lots of decorations and hand made banners and streamers.

I hope for jelly (jello) and ice cream, and trifle, and balloons - there have to be balloons; although aside from expressing my inner ten-year-old, I could probably manage a couple of vodka cocktails or a jug of Pimms somewhere along the line (then I could have two reasons to pretend a Pimms is only lemonade....)

What would you bring to the party?

* A knees up is an adult or family party, and a raucous one at that, as depicted by the lyrics of Knees Up, Mother Brown, in fact this popular and traditional song is probably the root of the phrase, in the first place.


Abby said...

A virtual fondue would be fun!

Sometimes I have drink fuelled MSN conversations with my old school friend who lives a long way away and it's lovely spending virtual time getting sloshed with someone.

A propos of nothing here, I want to apologise for deleting my blog entry from yesterday which you had commented on, it wasn't because of your comment, I was just having an attack of paranoia. Every now and again I think "Argh flee!" from posting my thoughts online. It all seems to end up going pearshaped. I will try not to do it again. Sorry.

Ms Mac said...

I know it's unimaginitve but a virtual bottle of vodka. It would most likely be virtual for everybody but me, actually.

Cheryl said...

Its OK Abby!
Doris was spot on - I think our whole little corner of the blogosphere needs a darned good party to lift things.
I have an anonymous blog for spitting fire and its funny, but now I feel safe to fume in there, I rarely use it.

Ms Mac - Purrrfect! Do you think, after six or seven shots I could interest you in a paper party hat?

doris said...

ROFL - not just the fifties kiddies thing but also raunchy and hot you know!!! I think dressing up or fancy dress is de rigeur. If you don't mind lets leave out pass the parcel as I have traumatic childhood memories of missing the prize everytime.

So as well as the banners, streamers and balloons (both air and helium) I'd also bring a large bowl of punch and me in a glorious, bright sparkly dress a la Betty Boop but with a big smile on my face. I'd swan around like a social butterfly helping our with the party spirit and conversation and taking a discreet back seat once others had warmed up.

Can we have a dance floor too? A wooden one with a pianist and jazz band that can switch from classic smoothies to something a bit more upbeat.


She Weevil said...

well I can bring cheese and wine or some of those little bottles of barley wine that someone always brought to a party and were theonly thing left by the time you had had far too much anyway. And can we play pin the tail on the donkey. The only party game I ever won.

zilla said...

Should I bring a hacksaw, in case someone lets their knees down? I still don't get it! I need an illustration of someone with knees up so I can get this image of ladies in stirrups at the gyn's office out of my head.

All right, then. I'll bring a speculum, but I'm going home early.

ella m. said...

I could serve the virtual drinks, i have a large selection of alcohol/mixers and actually know how to use some of them.

I also have a very nice stereo and a huge era and genre crossing CD collection should we want some music.

doris said...

I have a number of those old fashioned cocktail/martini glasses that I could bring! Can I have a Brandy Alexander (or is it Alexandra?) as I love those creamy and potent concoctions :-)

Or maybe I shouldn't be starting on the drinks just yet..... hee-hee

Cheryl said...

Isn't it funny - my ideal party would be a 'come as you are', with high heels banned, unless you want to be the one party pooper who doesn't end up on the garage roof serenading the neighbours with beer songs / flat on your back admiring the view in a national park.
But thats just me. I guess I overdosed on sequins and graceful moves for ballet, tap & modern, as a kid. Now I prefer double dares to pulling up tall and straight, although being able to do the crab may come in useful.
I am definitely reverting to the kid whose socks fell down and went grey til they looked striped when you pulled them back up - the one with ink from her fountain pen all over her fingers - that's me.

Stegbeetle said...

Party, party, party!!
OK, we've got balloons, jelly and ice-cream, trifle a fondue, spirits and punch, music and a dance floor to boogie on.
I'd bring some virtual beers and the makings for virtual Tequila Slammers - we'll need a fairly strong table (especially as I tend to dance on them!). Although I'm not a machoman by any means, I do know a few "big guys" so shall I bring some virtual bouncers to keep the riff-raff out?
In the best party tradition we'll need some neighbours to annoy but maybe Ally could help there ;)

The Jamoker said...

my party hat...and a keg of the finest ale!! if we run outof ale, we can then do tequila shooterz. been needing a good party...

fineartist said...

A party, oh goody!

Back in the day I would have brought "magic brownies"....Today maybe a few musicians and their instruments, and hot damn, the drink. Tastes like cinnamon, burns at first then hot damn, it begins to go down smooth. It's a miracle. Oh wait, I could bring sour apple pucker, it's always a hoot to take pictures of each other after a good pull on the sour apple pucker bottle, heheh.

Maybe even a bottle of chardonnay and a bouquet of wild flowers for our lovely host.