02 May 2006

Sometimes "Hic Dur Blurble" is one of my most expressive phrases.

I wanted to do a post that was
along the lines of a rhyme, because
it always helps when theres nothing to say,
(or far too much), but either way
a day or a week when all things seem
too insubstantial to call a dream,
too grey to call fictitious, or
in every way a terrible bore.
For then (where was I?) yes, it helps,
instead of a stream of piteous yelps
or hollow laughs that echo flat
(I never was much good at that),
my literal throat with it's mental frog
may break the silence in this blog
without the annoyance of having to say
"This went wrong in my life, today".
It saves us all from such a crime
If I say nowt, but make it rhyme.


Stegbeetle said...

"Bravo! Bravo!" he wanted to say,
But couldn't make it rhyme,
So stood and applauded, silently,
So it would be a mime.

Neutron said...

Great stuff...are you as energetic as your verse?

Cheryl said...

Steg - thanks!
Neutron - I do have a bad case of Welsh yabbermouth ocassionally....


fineartist said...

You clever girl, fan dang tastic poem and you managed to get the message across without being trite or negative.

I'm taking notes here. Heh, heh.

Hugs, from reading between the lines, Lori

doris said...

Brilliant bit of prose
From someone who feels in a bit of a doze .....

Or maybe it is not you but everything around? Maybe we could have a virtual party to sparkle things up? We could all bring something to the party ..... some virtual food, some music, some colours, some fancy dress, some pictures, some poetry and we can all laugh and talk and chat and dance until a virtual dawn when everyone went home feeling full and happy and forevermore talking about that party up on the hill :-)

Cheryl said...

Bags-I bring the virtual Chippendales - especially if it means I have to take them home again after....

doris said...

LOL I hadn't thought of strippers - trust you! I'd have to bring some decorations and hand made banners - maybe cheery things and upbeat positive messages. Loads of streamers to hang everywhere and I'd get lots of helium filled baloons and regular balloons.