09 March 2005

Will the real ALASTAIR CAMPBELL please stand up?

Sharp, Smart SheWeevil pointed out a blog (where does she find them?) claiming to be written by Alastair Campbell; not any old AC but Tony Blair's 'Media Chief' described in this BBC profile.

We did discuss this, albeit at very little length, because an obvious element of doubt was immediately injected for three reasons:

  1. Neither of us seems to be very sure just how safe blogs are as statements of personal opinion, whether they rate as a public diary or as a written statement of fact. People have lost their jobs over derogatory remarks made in blogs, but can you be sued for libel or defamation?
  2. Would someone charged with the defence of a public image publicly refer to disparate individuals or groups as, respectively, Manc twat or bunch of wankers, even if it was very funny?
  3. When this blog began the posts were being made under the initials NMW, not AC as they are now. A polite query in the comments resulted not in a direct answer, but in the change.
So, 'Alastair', if you are reading this, I find your blog extremely relevant, hysterically funny and surprisingly interesting. I also suspect the author to be a very likeable and intelligent person with a wickedly dry sense of humour. In fact I would love to drag you into a discrete local pub, get rat faced with you and take the piss out of the world and his dog. My only stipulations would be clean floors against the possibility of falling over laughing and a very convenient convenience.
As to whether you are who you say you are, well you don't appear to be linked to any traffic generators, nor to receive many comments as yet, but as your blog is public I really hope this will direct a few more people over for a shufti.

P.S. To those who read the early version of this, yes its true I can hardly think nor spell today. The poll site also failed to mention they can screw up blog entries and are best used, by idiots like me, in a sidebar. Sometimes life sucks - deal with it! ;-)

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GeoBandy said...

Can't say for sure about English law, but in the U.S. libellous content on a blog would certainly be actionable. Now mind you, just because you say something nasty, it isn't necessarily libel.There are obviously very specific legal requirements. But the fact that it's a blog, as opposed to some other form of publication, would not protect you.