04 March 2005

Bleugh, Grrr, Arg, Haha

Day five with no heating and hot water. After Monday's fun and games with Blob the builder, finally got sent a real gas engineer yesterday, who had to order a new fan for the boiler because the motor has burned out. Chances are there will be knock-on problems, so on next Monday, please God, we will have a new fan in the boiler and be over half way to having it fixed.

We had the coldest night so far, last night, minus 12. Gosh what a jolly jape that was. Ahahaha.

Until then, I get moments of lucidity and enthusiasm, but not many. I now know where every single sinus runs around my head, because on one side, for the full five days, I have been able to feel and sometimes see each and every one, throbbing and complaining and in spite of pain killers probably hot enough to fry an egg. Am almost at the stage where it becomes essential to press your forehead onto a door frame and hold the back of your head in tight, whilst asking a.n.other to poke you in the eyes and stop them exploding from the sockets, just to manage a whimpering little half cough. So sodding annoying and degrading, and wearing a woolly hat indoors all day helps, but is itchy and, oh bugger it, the whole world is at fault, its that sort of day - kill first, ask questions later, so ignore me.

Both the kids are off sick, one more sick than the other, so the livelier one is bored and the poorlier one is constantly wailing to be left alone. I could tell you that I love my children dearly, but to get the words out it would involve a glazed, wide-eyed look, a fixed smile and a slight rocking motion. If my hands weren't at the keyboard its quite possible there would be an involuntary twitch to the fingers also.

Cathartic whining over, (Look, children, see the burning martyr!) here is the so-called bloggy bit, which is a straight steal from Silverbird. Don't follow that link for her version, she posted it at Homeworking.com, specifically here.

Thanks Sharon/Silver.

OK all those people outside the UK can go now, LOL, this is for Brit car drivers with guilty consciences.

Did you know that recent Government legislation changing the Freedom of Information Acts gives you access to speed camera offences registered within the last twelve months and placed on a freely accessible website?
Did you know that every time your car goes even over a mile or so over the speed limit, it is registered and placed on the database?
They only send a ticket if you are way over, OR if you receive over 20 near misses. You can now check how many you have against your car's registered number. Check this page: http://www.e-database.co.uk
It will ask you for a password - but just click on the 'need a password/' link and you'll be given one in a pop-up window. In the top right hand corner there is a "click-on" window and it even shows the picture taken by the camera.

Have fun.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

TUT am I gullible or what lol
I thought cambridgeshire??? i havent been to cambridgeshire lol
the picture was a good likeness tho.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that the boiler is still not sorted and that you are all so cold. Have to say though, you do make your suffering sound quite comical :) Thanks for the chuckle and here's some warm hugs coming your way and a sharp poker to release the pressure on the sinuses. HW