08 March 2005

Thanks, Caroline

Thanks to Caroline for tipping me off to a truly bizarre site, nobodyhere.com .
Is it a blog or isnt it? I dont know.

Anyhow, Seriously freaky is the toe dream, you have to see this. Very clever and just yuck.

If, after that, you are feeling a little sadistic try this: Bear. Bear is pink but somehow very masculine, and I like the way he cringes slightly. You'll see.

My contact at the County Council sent me out copies of everything to do with the statementing process, yesterday. It all arrived today. Bless him, its nice to know theres one good apple in the barrel, even if this is still one huge, hellish mess.


Anonymous said...

Coo that was very nice of Caroline! I think she was right in knowing that you'd be impressed too. I hadn't seen that toes one - urgh - must show to teenage daughter (was going to anyway for artistic/creative content) as she has a toe phobia. And that dear bear... there's another one there involving some marigolds! HW ;-)

Cheryl said...

Yup she's great.
Scroll down on the link from the title - her piccie's on there :-)

Badaunt said...

Did you play with the present?


Play with it for long enough and it gives you a ... surprise.

I came across this page years ago, and had forgotten all about it. It has had a LOT added to it since then.

She Weevil said...

So very Dutch, so very Japanese, so very British