01 March 2005

Paying it forward (victims required)

Andrea over at A day In the life of.... was interviewed on her blog a few days ago, and offered to similarly interrogate the first five people to comment, so now it’s my turn. Here are the (jolly awkward) questions she came up with, for me, plus my answers.

Andrea: You say on your profile that Howard the Duck is one of your fave movies. Tell me something about the film that makes it your fave.

Me: The music, the silly dance that goes with the title song at the end of the movie, the idea that you don’t need perfect hair, a square smile and no nose (like the usual US film stars) to be cute; the transdimensional armchair ride and most of all scaring my kids witless, rolling my eyes and saying “I’m not Jennings, I’m somebody else”. That’s fun.

Andrea: Tell me something about Seaford that I didn't know and that would make me want to visit!

Me: Something you didn’t know? There are two places in America called Seaford, that don’t appear to ford a sea or river and were therefore probably named after this, the original, so somebody must have liked it here once. Warmington on Sea (the location for Dad’s Army) was based on this town and I suspect half of the characters were based on its residents, who haven’t changed much. Something to make you want to visit? No, sorry, pass. Oh, worth a day trip; the seagulls laugh. No they do, honestly. You see one lone gull, circling you as you walk along. He poops, he hits, he scores, and all of a sudden, there are twenty of them up there, all squawking their heads off. It’s a favourite game because, unlike most of the residents, the gulls have a sense of humour.

Andrea: Have you ever done something you were ashamed of and if so, what?

Me: Yeah, I married my first husband, and stayed put out of misplaced Christian principles for eight long years, until he left me. That was the biggest (only) favour he ever did me. I did also do things like get my kid brother to hold a broom handle that was keeping a bucket of water stuck to the ceiling, then walk off and leave him until his arms gave out and he soaked himself – but hey, you asked for things I was ashamed of, so that doesn’t count.

Andrea: In 6 words tell me about your best friend.

Me: Erm, nope, sorry, haven’t got one. That’s six. Seriously I am not that girly and if you were to line up my closest, funniest girlfriends, my mum, my husband and my four kids, I couldn’t pick one out above the rest.

Andrea: What was the best time you had at school.

Me: Good grief, that’s eons ago. I think it was the day, at seniors, when we had a sit down strike in the schoolyard. I forget what for, but the teachers were kind of on our side or at least enjoying the disruption, because they would carefully heave the front line up on to their feet and escort them, one by one, to the entrance doors and back into school, at which point we would walk straight through, out the other side, and go rejoin the protest at the back. It all sort of petered out as lunchtime approached. Sad, isn't it, my best bit was an entire morning wasted, sitting cross-legged on bottom-numbing concrete.

And that’s me done.
As agreed, if five people comment using the words ‘interview me’ I will gladly do the honours.

Hello? Anybody there? Please?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm playing the game right. After all, how can you interview an anonymous person who wishes to retain their anonymity but it certainly sounds like a challenge. Hee hee, so "interview me" if you are up for the challenge :-)

(But you don't have to as life is too short to stuff a mushroom!)

Cheryl said...

Aww the deal was that the answers go on your blog! And the first two questions would blow your anonymity out of the water... hic sob.

And that quote comes from the inside of a womens lib book that had lots of handy hints BUT did make a lot of women feel like they ought to be bringing up children, redecorating, hosting dinner parties, looking after a man and holding down a full time job all at once. Do-able, obviously, but have you ever met a woman who can take the inference that anything was an obligation?

Anonymous said...

And I thought that quote just came off a naff postcard!

Thanks for explaining and assisting in the preservation of the sacred cow of anonymity.

As for that superwoman business - pah! I don't do anything I wouldn't want to do!!! And am just grateful that hubby makes such a good wife :-)

PS. How do you know it is me and not some other anonymous poster? Hmmmm. (Yeah, I know, it's pretty darned obvious really. For starters I have usually swallowed a dictionary with a punctuation manual for pudding....)

Cheryl said...

So if you thought it was off a postcard, how come you really knew it was out of Superwoman, by Shirley Conran (forward by Mary Quant! Aaargh!)

And, erm, no, sorry - who are you?

Hehe. Still thats four comments on here now and nobody wants to trust me to write five questions. Hic, sob.

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

(1) What is sexier elf boxers or a tuxedo?

(2) Oral ... give or take?

(3) Sandwich or Pizza when sober?

(4) Curry or Fast Food when drunk?

(5) TV or Movies and why?

(6) George or Andrea? (you can only choose one)

(7) Union Jack or Cross of St.George?

(8) Soccer or Football?

Anonymous said...

"how come you really knew it was out of Superwoman, by Shirley Conran" - nope, didn't know that, sheer chance, I put that hole-in-one done to the chaos theory! Sometimes one can sound intelligent and clever without even trying :-) HW (Drats to my sense of honesty...)

Cheryl said...

Dear HW you also used your acronym and now I cant pretend I dont know you!