22 March 2005

Books and desert islands

Yesterday Badaunt over at Present Simple passed me the Book Stick, a list of questions about books to take to a desert island. Sorry, for one day, under extreme pressure, I fumbled.

The lists so far have been interesting and witty and clever, and I am unable, today, to even try to be any of those things. Perhaps if I allow my blood pressure to shoot right up and have a heart attack over the Terry Schiavo fiasco, someone could take note that I want my nearest and dearest to sue Florida Judge Greer, and possibly the entire Florida legal system as the cause.

Anyhoo right now my five books would involve American law, explosives, how to murder a very tall very weighty man with two fingers and no trace, and industrial strength colonic irrigation because some people are FULL of it.

Will try and put my less demonic head on and answer sensibly tomorrow.


Badaunt said...

It took me a few days to get to it, too - don't worry. This is a SLOW book stick. :-)

She Weevil said...

You do realise that it is almost a month since we met; a lunar month - physical dyslexia and all that - I bet that's not helping the situation!

Cheryl said...

What a wonderfully discrete way to suggest I am probably :
Due on, suffering from mad cow disease, heading for a case of the dreaded claw, about to be in that week full of legal loopholes for killing people.
It may be so. Only confusing element, I havent asked for a divorce yet this month, so I could be a few days off switching from Dr Heckle to Mrs Snide.
Is the turn supposed to make them further apart or closer together? I forget.