24 March 2005

Terri Schiavo: Just a Thought

This was a thought. It was a valid one, I thought, and one worthy of going on the bottom of someone's list, somewhere, for a later time.
Friends are right though, it was a fairly emotive subject and I wouldnt want to detract from the current focus.
Thanks Ano & Shane.
Courtesy of life lessons I do have a knack for anaesthetising myself to certain issues; dropping my grasp on emotional and social context to go into deep analysis of things. I see too many possibilities and threads. Not sure if I turn into a chess computer or a slightly autistic lawyer / nutty professor type.
Hey ho.


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Badaunt said...

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS on your poem prize!

(I've completely forgotten what I was originally going to write.)

Anonymous said...

I bet they wouldn't have looked because she hadn't been murdered at that point... I think we have to be careful to not suggest her husband was out to murder (though I'm not sure broken bones are a norm for a married life!) but is certainly one to question!

Cheryl said...

Not in a position to suggest anything, but I think IF he did inject her in those places in hospital, then its valid to wonder.
Like I said, its only a thought, and I havent got a clue how thorough the physical would be for a sudden collapse like that.

Shane said...

I'm with anonymous here. It's more useful for the debate to be centred on the state of Terri Schiavo in the present context. Going back into what might or might not have happened is firstly a distraction, and secondly is not going to provide anything of use in the current context.