27 March 2005

Terri Schiavo: Near the end

As our children wake up to chocolate, as Churches celebrate Easter, Terri Schiavo's breathing has finally become shallow and laboured.

Get this straight - she was breathing just fine before.

Her skin has dehydrated and cracked, her lips and nose will have open sores, apparently she is or was also bleeding from her eyeballs; her hands and feet will be going icy cold as blood withdraws from the extremities in a desperate attempt to keep the vital organs functioning. Her liver, with nothing to process, will throw her electrolytes off balance causing her to twitch and spasm in extreme pain, in some cases without heavy doses of sedatives this can be so violent as to break the victim's back. If there is any truth in Michael Schiavo's statement that she looks peaceful, then what that really means is that she is drugged up to the eyeballs.

This is not the reaction of a body waiting to die, ready to pass across peacefully but kept in this life by unwanted nourishment - its the reaction of a healthy body forced into panic.

See HERE for the exit protocol as written for Terri last time her 'husband' tried to have her starved to death. (And anyone who resents those inverted commas can tell me which of his marriage vows he hasn't broken.)

This woman may be retarded, but she can laugh, she can cry and she can try to speak, she can recognise and express her pain to others.

By the way, 'judge' Greer has already approved Michael Schiavo's application to have her cremated as soon as she's dead.

Why? Is it possibly because she is staunch Catholic and was brought up to be totally against cremation - just another last way for him to snub and hurt her parents, after already denying her Easter Communion or even Last Rites? More likely that's just a bonus in the rush to destroy evidence.

Get one thing straight. If Terri Schiavo dies, if there is not one hero in the whole stinking legal and political system who can and will save her, then the entire set-up is just too dangerous and corrupt to risk visiting the country of America, ever.

If I took my children to Beirut and something happened it would make it to the newspapers. If I took them to Florida, I'm not so sure. Hidden evil is so much more dangerous than any other type.

If Terri Schiavo dies I would sooner spit on all I hold dear than ever set foot in America. Wild horses could not drag me kicking and screaming into the state of Florida, which to my mind is a hell-pit of corruption that sanctifies slow and evil murder.

I don't suppose anyone cares; not Disney nor anyone else with a vested interest in that God forsaken place, but just for the record I'm telling you anyway.

The US Government has the nerve to depict itself as the police of the world, the peace bringers? PAH.

Thats the mark of the antichrist, isnt it? Falsely claiming to bring 'peace'?

Not at that cost, thanks.

Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo, I am praying for God to make an example of you before some poor soul does it. Its not for me to judge, just to bring the petition, but the back of my mind says that choking to death on your Easter Sunday Roast might be quite fitting. No, maybe just choke long enough for brain damage................


Cheryl said...

Ouch - apologies to those of the Jewish persuasion who read the earlier version - forgive me for getting Purim mixed up with Passover. Easter is so early this year.....

Lord Smert said...

I wonder how you feel about other people who have signed living wills and wish to be pulled in case of such a situation.

I wonder how you feel about other people who have told their spouse that they would like to be pulled in case of such a situation.

I wonder how you feel about getting pulled over for doing 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

Think they are unrelated to the Terri Schiavo case? Well they are related. They are all law. They are all American law.

If you care so much about this whole debate over who has the decision- then you need to write a bill and send it to your congressman to change American law. Other then that you can complain and complain and complain about American law and it will get you nowhere. Sorry.

-Lord Smert (LordSmert.blogspot.com)

Lord Smert said...
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Cheryl said...

Dear Lord Smert
Did you even READ my post?
I don't LIVE in your stupid mixed up country!
Lovely as many of its residents are, its legal and administrative processes are obviously dangerously ineffectual and I wouldn't WANT to live there.
Oh, and I don't drive - and if someone did 60 in a residential area I would be CHEERING while they got the ticket.

Julie Pence said...

Cheryl, thank you for posting some of the truth of the situation, which many have been missing a reading of. Thank you for taking a stand on behalf of a handicapped person. Jesus said, "when did you bring me food to eat or water to drink? As much as you did it to the least of these my bretheren, you did it unto me". In a time when lepers were the most rejected of the disabled, Jesus reached out, and touched the lepers. One measure of the strength of a society is if they are powerful enough to protect and nurture the most vulnerable of those among them in honor of their joint humanity.

Lord Smert, whoever you may be, this is from a fellow American. One of the best things about our country in the past has been, and still is (at least still at this point)that if a law is bad, it can be changed. It is (supposed to be) government of the people, by the people, for the people. And we will be working on that (revision of laws), next. Smert, because something is current law, does not mean it is right. (If that were true laws wouldn't be changed, in a society where they can be.) As new situations and cases arise, new truths are realized as to why a law may not be correct. As a different and further statement though, I am a christian believer and as such, I believe that there is one time when a law should actually be *disobeyed*. That is when it goes strongly against the higher law of God in scripture. The believers who were persecuted in communist countries for years had to, against the law, meet together in each others' houses just to have a service. (They were arrested, beaten and sometimes killed for it, too, right until the current day.) Here in this country in the past for instance, I would have helped a slave get through the underground railroad to freedom, if I had lived at that time and had any possibly way to contribute to helping them, though it would have been against the law to do so (as well as a publicly unpopular thing to do - we have to choose when to not try to be popular). There is a time, when we have to look into our hearts and ask, is this truly right? I know that this could lead to a long discussion which right now, I am too tired to undertake, as I feel grieved today, despite it being Easter. I have little rested, nor feasted in the last few days, I must say.
I will say, that my personal 'enduring power of attorney' document will state that I want to remain fed by tube or mouth or whatever way possible, if I became disabled. I believe, Smert, Jesus extends His love to you, and especially on this holy day.

Julie Pence said...

And Cheryl, God bless you and comfort and keep you.

Anonymous said...

I am not what one would call pro-life. Sometimes I believe in abortion. Sometimes I believe in euthanasia. Sometimes I believe that we should not keep people alive at all costs. Sometimes I believe it is not right to resucitate and sometimes I believe it is right to switch off a life support system.

I believe that each case has to be considered on its own merits and I also know that none of us have the full facts of this case. And in any case it depends on where you stand as to how you interpret any facts because like velvet, from one side it may look like this and from another side it looks different. So who is to know the "truth"?

However, in this case there are some overwhelming facts and that is that this person is not on a life-support system and that this person seems to have expressions and responses. That alone, let alone anything else, is enough for me to feel that it is vile that this person is being starved to death.

I am not Christian nor of any other faith but I have faith in people doing the right thing. This is an appalling situation and whatever comes of Terri may there come a many good things in her memory and as a result of her suffering.

And may anyone who has done wrong in this case feel the full force of it and may it haunt them forever.

media in trouble said...


what you terri savers have forgotten or perhaps not read in any of the so called liberal media, is that terri was bulemic.

she starved herself into cardiac arrest and then thanks to your political heroes starving first responders they took too long to get to her with the deffibrilator and breathing bag.

so she went into a coma and became persistently vegetative.

this self loathing behavior could not possibly have come from someone who loved to live, could it?

either way the irony is that she is now going to accomplish her initial goal of starving herself to death.

this time though she wont feel a thing and thats because her brain does not work. that means she has no idea anything is going on around her.

ps if your god is all powerful why then has he ignored all of those easter prayers undoubtedly spoken across this country this easter sunday?

the lot of u

have you forgotten about all the other lives that go by unnoticed every minute of every day? those in iraq for example, those in darfur for example, those all around this country for example?

instead you choose to defend a person who hated herself to the state she is.

i wonder if any of you would want the same attention paid to your family in such an event? if the media circus blitz and idiot talking heads who choose to ignore very important facts and highlight facts that are false or that have been completely debunked in a court of law no less.

Cheryl said...

I would love you to email me with the links to prove that, because all the evidence I can find is that she was fine, meeting friends in restaurants etc, just that she wanted to divorce Michael.
Once again its his family's word against her family's.
Then again, if you look at some of the photos of her when she had just gone into hospital 15 years ago, there is NO WAY she was anorexic or bulimic. Not a cheekbone in sight.

Anonymous said...

Dear media in trouble it was sad reading your comment. I too had read that Terri was bulimic through her childhood and that made me question her life with her parents and why she was not happy with herself. That may or may not have anything to do with her parents.

You say "she wont feel a thing and thats because her brain does not work" but I think what you are trying to say is that her brain does not work properly. That doesn't mean she doesn't feel pain - after all, the docs have given her mega doses of pain killer to help her in her last days.

I rather think it is you that is mis-guided and unfortuneately you shoot your own argument in the foot.

What are you really angry about?