22 March 2005

ROFL @ SheWeevil

SheWeevil has just created an hysterically funny post about our shared interest, the Blog supposedly maintained by 'the' Alastair Campbell. She lists several good reasons (and several rather dubious ones actually) why it is worth blogging about his site and generally spreading the word.

The blog in question does seem to follow the real man's movements very closely, then again the joyous abandon and recklessness of his personal opinions (which I confess inspired my own confidence to swear in print) do make me wonder whether it isnt one almightly set up.

I mean would the REAL Alastair Campbell, just before an election, start calling this or that person a twat? OK yes, perhaps he would, but in public and in print?

I may start a Twattometer and keep a tally of the number of times the word appears on 'his' blog.

This may amuse, terrify, or bore you - so please comment to let me know if I should even bother!

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