07 March 2005


A joke from my resilient, ebullient eldest son, who has gone from end-of-the-world-get-me-out-of-here to life's a beach, in two short days:

Did you hear about the circumcisionist who slipped?
He got the sack.

A joke from East Sussex County Council, who were weeks late sending me a letter announcing intent to issue a note in lieu for my younger son, in which letter was a list of intended provisions and a note on how to appeal etc:

'Oh no Mrs White, the Note in Lieu was sent out to you in December with the letter announcing it'.

Yeah right, I am rolling on the floor, my sides are splitting, not. Thats why, 9th January, even the Educational Psychologist hadnt seen a copy.



Steve said...

Cheryl breath in, count to ten breath out rofl x

Badaunt said...

This is when I think you're supposed to send a letter back, saying that you sent them a letter back in December saying you hadn't heard from them yet, and didn't they get it?

Mess with their heads. It's the only way.