20 March 2005

Hitchhikers Guide

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy comes out on April 29.

Can't wait!

What makes it even better is that this time round they have been faithful to the main characters, allowing Trillian to be a likeable heroine, a mousy haired intellectual and not the busty blonde barmaid the TV and theatre guys thought would be more attractive back in the seventies. Boy did they piss off the female officionados; well, me, anyhow.

BRILLIANT casting - every actor I recognised had me yelling "YES!" and punching the air. You would have had to have fallen in love with the original radio series to get that.

I am saving up and preparing to blackmail children and babysitters alike, already. If I only get out of the loony bin once this year, it has GOT to be to go and see this.

Funny how one may become so fondly attached to one's first lesson in sarcasm, satire and sci-fi.

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Badaunt said...

I have the radio show on tape. The best way to listen to it is with the lights out.

The TV show was a horrible disappointment. All that SPACE I'd seen in my head was reduced to a little screen. I hope it translates to the big screen better.