22 March 2005

Terri Schiavo: NO!!!!!

I am in bloody tears, I tell you.

This is why.

Given the evidence available online here and elsewhere, I BELIEVE:

  1. That Terri Schiavo was scared of her husband and wanted a divorce from him; that she had told him this only a day or so before she was 'discovered' in a collapsed state in her own home
  2. That her husband went to court for compensation for misdiagnosis, to pay for her care, on the basis of the great number of years she was expected to live, and that this was recorded by the court.
  3. That he promised the court under oath that he was attached to his wife, in love, through sickness and health and would do everything to help her recuperate, also recorded, obviously.
  4. That he only declared her wish to die three months after he won the bloody money
  5. That ex girlfriends of his can attest to his violent mood swings and physical aggression toward women
  6. That Terri's friends can testify that she wanted a divorce
  7. That he dropped his sick wife, took up with another woman and produced children, yet refused to divorce his cash-cow wife and return her to parental care
  8. That the testament that Terri is 'vegetative' is a load of old crap purchased from doctors who saw her at her weakest and not since.
  9. That judge Greer is complicit, refusing time and again to look at new and reliable professional proof that Terri is aware
  10. That Terri COULD even now, swallow food and water, naturally, yet Greer will not even let her be fed naturally, which is against the law and reprehensible
  11. That there is every likelihood that Terri's condition came about due to violence on the part of her husband
  12. That there is every likelihood that he is a lying, cheating, swindling, violent bastard who has spent ten years trying to turn a greivous assault into a murder, to cover his tracks AND pocket the cash.
And now the federal Review has failed, DENIED the application to re-insert Terri's feeding tubes, on the basis of the original, shaky evidence that she is in a 'vegetative state'. Look at her smiling at her family here, and tell me that calling the evidence 'shaky' isnt an extreme example of understatement and self restraint.


See HERE for the awful news. We are watching a murder.

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