03 March 2005

And the Chain Goes On

Thanks to BadAunt and No-one for agreeing to be interviewed. The chain goes on.

I struggled over the questions for BadAunt and worried that they were a bit lame, so now I will have a HUGE SMILE on my face because they were good enough to get some brilliant, funny and informative answers - I laughed out loud - check it out.

What can I say about No-one? I could be cruel (yet again) by saying that although he likes to promote himself as Mr been-there-done-that, all that and a bag of chips, he is actually a gentleman and the sort you would want on your side if the shit hit the fan. But hey, I wont say it, it would spoil all his self promotion to the contrary.

I consciously set out to embarrass him with my questions (see entry below, I owed him!) and I read his entire blog, archives et al, to avoid duplication and try and find stuff he had glossed over. Okay, one or two of those would have been taking it way too far so I side stepped, but still think I did a pretty good stitch-up job.

All credit to anyone who can take it as well as they can dish it out. Game over, I concede a draw.
Sorry Andrea and Kim, but the whole dominatrix thing isnt gonna happen. He's off the hook.


Badaunt said...

They were good questions. :-)

Completely irrelevant question: do you use Bloglines? Are you having trouble logging in? I can't log in - it just takes me back to the login page - and it's driving me up the wall.

Badaunt said...

Cancel that question. I just logged in.

Badaunt said...

(I suspect MadBaggage Magic)