01 March 2005

Hormones - They know where you live!

Thanks to 'Anonymous', a friend that I strongly suspect of being involved in this site, for

Hahahahahahaha! So true. Every man should get a copy at age eleven, heck I think there should be a Boy Scout badge for the subject, preparation for manhood etc etc.

(P.S. Make sure your speakers are on).


She Weevil said...

Hi Cheryl, I liked this. Your comment appeared in my email but isn't on the blog. Weird.

My comfort food: pork pies (the more aspic the better - must be an imbalance thing - not enough jelly gloop of my own apparently), tomato sandwiches with Worcestershire sauce of the lea and perrins and not the Sudan death sauce variety and choux patry in all its many and wondrous forms.

Anonymous said...

You'll never guess?! I did supply that link but I never switched on my speakers!!! Ha-ha. Thanks for stating the obvious and letting me enjoy it again. I shuffle off again and hide :-)

Andi said...

Cheryl!!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for offering to be interviewed! Here are your 5 questions! (I'm sorry it took so long to get them to you but what with the new job and all......)

1. You say on your profile that Howard the Duck is one of your fave movies. Tell me something about the film that makes it your fave.
2. Tell me something about Seaford that I didn't know and that would make me want to visit!
3. Have you ever done something you were ashamed of and if so, what?
4. In 6 words tell me about your best friend.
5. What was the best time you had at school.


I'll be checking your blog.


Sis said...

Hello! Just popped in from Andrea's blog, wanted to say hello!! I liked your interview and the PMS warning deal is a riot!! I plan to share that with family/friends!!