21 March 2005

Farting in the Bath!

Dear Andrea

I feel better now, I threw my wobbly and it's done. Thank's for the link!

Yes, farting in the bath is fun, unless you happen to be roughly sitting up, in which case the less-than-fun part is having the whole, huge, noxious bubble of fumes explode from the water right under your nose.

Too much information, I think, in one of those, even about the state of your own colon! I'd sooner not know.

Farting in the bath is not strictly an adult luxury. The Bill and Ben stories were invented by their older sister Hilda, as tales to keep the twin boys amused whilst they had their bath.

Guess what flobadobadob (or was it just flobadob?) their 'language' was named after................ I dread to imagine what inspired the name Little Weed for their baby sister Phyllis.

P.S. Anyone who can think of any other ways to gross out, pig out or slob out that are intrinsic to adulthood (or at least don't get you into trouble when you're grown up), pop over to Andrea's because the comments on yesterdays question are still running :-)

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