16 February 2006

Why Years In A Bad Marriage Aren't Wasted

For Sassy

  1. You learned to bite your tongue
  2. You learned to take more shit than you ever thought possible
  3. You found out you're really strong
  4. You found out you're the kind to keep hoping
  5. You found out you're a keeper - someone who keeps on hanging in there
  6. You found out you are reliable no matter what
  7. You found out you are trustworthy even when all hell lets loose
  8. You lost a whole load of false ideas about what you want out of life
  9. You found a whole new set of life goals
  10. You learned to see trouble coming from a mile off
  11. You learned to see a worried woman from a mile off, too
  12. You learned new wanker people skills
  13. You found out that all men are not born equal
  14. You found your limits and how far is too far
  15. Top reason - you have more clue now than before and those are the last years you'll spend on that lesson; its done, its learned and theres no taking you for a fool ever again.


She Weevil said...

You also learn that googling cumbria police cockling officer will teach you that God has a sense of humour afterall.

Cheryl said...

Googling eye in drink nurse has a different effect, but I confess I found that link from the one you gave :-)

She Weevil said...

She sounds like a bit of a girl!! Which film had the phrase "I could have been a contender!" cockling pc should say "I could have been a detective"

zilla said...

Glad to see you've posted. Left Sassy a comment -- shades of my first marriage over there. Bless her. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

So true. Well said ;-)

Annie said...

Very thought-provoking. Wish I'd learnt from the lessons of my marriage.

Rain said...

Great Post Cheryl. An education ( of any sort) is never a waste of our time.

jane said...

Say it sister!

bart said...

if anything, a bad marriage teaches you to be patient, shut the fuck up when you think you're right but your partner shouts you down and just wait for a moment to get things back into perspective, even if it takes 20 years or more...

it teaches you to love somebody, irrespective of their totally disfunctional personality traits and their disruptively manipulative streaks... time living and learning well spent, methinks...