27 February 2006

Round The Twist

Look, I am NEVER going to be skinny enough to pretend I'm Callista Flockhart and I draw the line at suggestions of a resemblance to Peter MacNicol, aka John Cage, aka The Biscuit, from Ally McBeal. Even if there is one.... slightly. Probably.

Nonetheless, I do find myself occasionally having a theme tune. Whenever the Braxton Hicks started (and I've been through that malarky four times now),'my tune' was David Bowie's Changes.

Cha-cha-cha-cha-changes (Turn and face the strain) Cha-cha changes!

Yeah, OK, don't say it.

The really awkward part was when I would be walking home from the local shops, two argumentative kids in tow, a heavy shopper in each hand and then the belly would go, 'ping!', from vaguely flexible (as in just soft enough to allow legs to move in a forward direction, breathing, little things like that) to as solid as a medicine ball. Bad enough going stiff like someone poked a stick up my arse every ten steps or so, waddling along with a sort of rocking motion due to hips suddenly freezing up, whilst trying to plough on home 'in case', without also involuntarily bursting in to song. My two eldest, like Pavlov's dog, learned that me humming that tune to myself with a glazed look on my face meant they had better hurry up and save the fratricide for later.

To cut a long story short, or not, THIS is my current theme tune. So my subconscious has no sense of style, so what. It says it all and it's funky and it cheers me up.

P.S. Heres the official website if you too have secret fond memories of the shenanigans at Port Niranda


She Weevil said...

We loved this when the kids were little!! Well done (Bravo Zulu) Cheryl.

Kim said...

lol Cheryl! If that freakin song doesn't get out of my head now, I'm comin' to get 'ya! arggghhH!

Le laquet said...

Yeh, but wasn't that the best ever funkiest kids TV song ever? I have to say I shall now sing it all day long ... that'll piss the little one off :o)

Milt Bogs said...

Gosh Cheryl how could you post that link to 'the Chicken Dance' clip that that dreadful Roseberry woman sneaked out of Bogsville. I honestly thought that the photo was all she had. I didn't realise she had a video clip.

Andi said...

Wasn't that the show with the lighthouse?

I LOVED that show!