03 February 2006

Tip For The Day

If, after a long day, a late movie and a bottle of very good cider, you get a midnight urge to wax poetical and splurge the result on your blog -

Just don't.



Ms Mac said...

Hehe! Roger!

Carol said...

Did you write that? Was that your own work? I thought it was copied down.

God, it was moving. More so if I know the author - does that sounds weird?

Wax poetical whenever you feel like it, my dear :-)

Writer Mom said...

Damnit. You're allowed. You're an actually poet.

Three words:


I bet you won't be able to resist!

Now me
and my poetry
is not as lovely
as a tree.
and so I stick
with comedy.
and even that's
not good
You see?

(Ooof. Gonna go hit the cider now. It's 11 am. And then I'm gonna wax my eyebrows.)

bulb said...

Why not? I always blog when I'm drunk!

Badaunt said...

Writer mom is write, I mean right. You are an actually poet. Even your drunk poems are actually good.

(But writer mom, you wax your OWN EYEBROWS? Before or after the cider? I can't even get plucking right. Does the cider help?)

Writer Mom said...

actual poet.
Remember, I scored very low on the genius exam.
Brain cells get plucked out along with the brows.
Nothing helps the pain of waxing...Except Cheryl's poems.
(I do my own because I like the mismatched look, and salon waxers insist on making them look nice.)
I'm gonna go get drunk with Bulb now.

Anonymous said...

Well, now, isn't that what blogs are for? Don't get into the cider, personally, but I have gotten into the smokables and written, not poetry but yards of obscure babble here and there - later rationalizing that it's reader beware and praying the remorse will pass!
Anyhow, some of us thought it was a lovely poem, so there ya go!

Annie said...

Do! That's wonderful.

fineartist said...

Oh man, now I must hurry with this comment so that I can read your waxations.

I love your sense of humor.

And writer mom, I had never had my brows waxed until this summer, and they nearly had to hold me down in order to do the second brow. That waxing sh*t hurts.

Badaunt said...

Writermom: Now I sort of feel as though I should apologize, because I thought you did it on purpose.

I won't though. It was funny! It was worth it!

Re the waxing: Pain? PAIN? So that's what the cider's for.

I think I'll pass. In any case I've had messy eyebrows for so long I'm sure everybody would be shocked if they suddenly became tidy.

Badaunt said...

Oh, and Cheryl? Your Terry Prachett post turned up three times on Bloglines, but not on your actually blog. (Hee hee. This reminds me of the student who wanted to know if I was giving them a suddenly test.) When I click on one of the individual Bloglines posts, your blog opens with that one post - but I can't comment.


But check out the Blogger status page - they're having problems. Your specific problem is not mentioned, but I imagine it's connected.

Kim said...

the only "talent" that comes out in me when I'm liquored up is something I can't talk about in public and makes Jeff smile... a lot.

jane said...

1st & foremost, something is trying to popup when I come to your site. (a popup!)
I so wanted to have something to drink tonight, just to relax. It's been a number of years since I drank alcohol & knew I shouldn't, so I didn't.
Your little post here just reminded me. I have yet to read your previous post, but I will. I won't comment though because I normally am unable to comphrehend in depth writing like that & would rather just say here I'm a fool, than to comment & remove all doubt. So off I go to attempt to read it.

Writer Mom said...

#14 Nice Person saying "Hi" again.

*No apology necessary, Bad Aunt. I mean, yeah...I did it on purposely. ;)

Cheryl! Where'd that Terry Prachett post go? No matter, I got to read it...and you sold me. Put it on my Wishlist. I'm gonna get Zilla to read it with me...just as soon as I finish Ayn Rand, then read some Virginia.
(Yes, I'm STILL reading the Rand book. I have trouble with multi-syllable words.)

bart said...

don't be ridiculous... you've done excellently and perhaps the plonk even enhances what you're trying to say... but who am i to judge ;-)