23 February 2006


I want one!

Personally, techy blogs full of jargon turn me completely cold, so the only two technical specifications I'm going to give you for this little beauty

  • Dimensions:235 x 155 x 31 (mm)
  • Weight around 1230g

Yes its a real computer, has lots of memory and XP installed and a sim card thingy for surfing the web al fresco. The battery last three hours, but hey, I'm, adding a couple of spares (colour coordinated of course) and a car kit
to my fantasy shopping list.

What's next - ooh a stylus - not just for using the fully rotational screen as a notepad but for prodding those dinky qwerty keys in a lazy and sophisticated fashion, to remove any public expectation of proficient two-handed (or two fingered) typing, or even half a brain.

Absolutely essential is the mouse. Like the machine it comes in black, white, yellow, some other colours (how girly am I?) and the essential, sexy, dark and glossy red: The mini-mouse!

Its so dinky! It's so cute! It's retractable and adorable and dolls-house-ish and if necessary I will lobotomise that part of my brain which currently remembers good old fashioned keyboard shortcuts, just to make it essential.

Last but by no means least are the bags.

The ladies handbag currently comes in only black or white (yup, that's a diddy little black flybook in the bag)

but the regular carry cases, as you can see, come in more of a matching range

and at a mere £349.99 for one with a shoulder strap (it says here), well,that's the black handbag (black matches everything) and the red shoulder bag, at least, I think. Don't you?

Prices are available through the link above and by my reckoning the whole lot should set me back a mere 2 grand (and a bit). Yup, a snip at half the price. As soon as I win the lottery.

All I really (really really) need to complete this little dream world is; well, it's not much. Not in the grand scheme of things. It's just the perfect accessory for days when the Flybook goes out with me, and really, who could begrudge?

Even the name is perfect - a Vanquish. This colour, of course, or it wouldn't match and I'd have to have another one.

Beats the hell out of a broomstick. So, any Vanderbilts or Gettys out there - consider this my teensy little wish list, ok?

Of course, if you actually really fancy one of these Flybook thingummies, then you can find the worldwide list of distributors here.


Cheryl said...
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Jo said...

Yes yes yes yes...

I love everything about this picture you've painted. I want all of it. Flybook, handbag, carry case, mouse, Aston, the lot.

I'll just have to keep checking the numbers each week...

(I do have a rather natty red leather iPod case, does that count? And a smart Prada (yes I know, I couldn't afford it, but I was powerless to resist!) shoulder bag into which the Flybook would slip just nicely).

Cheryl said...

How come my comment slid in on top of yours, Jo?

About the Prada bag - I'm soooo jealous!


doris said...



I like it, just like that

Yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss :-)

Ivy the Goober said...

oooh, I want one, too!

Kim said...

oooooh!!!! I want one too! Crap! Someone already whined that....

Le laquet said...

ooooh! but how much? why wont that stinking site tell me how much .... so I can put the amount on my "when I win the lottery dreams list" you understand!