06 February 2006

Free Association 157

Really only doing this weeks because I missed last week. No I am not depressed (half the blog world seems to be); I'm just shirty, ratty, touchy, snarly and a tad brittle. Same as normal, then.

List courtesy of Luna Nina

  1. Taking sides:: unproductive
  2. Couples:: pairs
  3. Right of refusal:: Thats an American Law? I have no idea
  4. Marla:: Really odd sounding name not used over here.
  5. Multiple:: Plural
  6. Trinity:: three
  7. Sneeze:: Bless you
  8. Sweatpants:: GROSS name for trackies, suggesting they are worn as a sop rag.
  9. Steve:: load cargo
  10. Fabulous:: Stupendous; outmoded eighties exclamation, gushy.


bulb said...

Those SSRI's finally kicked in eh?

zilla said...

The "too hip" are saying simply "fabu" these days. Ick.

So what do you call a sweatshirt? I know a sweater is a jumper ... sweatshirt must be different?

The Lady Muck said...

any item of clothing with the word sweat in it worries me... especially when sweat and pants are combined.... yuk indeed.