06 February 2006

Free Association 157

Really only doing this weeks because I missed last week. No I am not depressed (half the blog world seems to be); I'm just shirty, ratty, touchy, snarly and a tad brittle. Same as normal, then.

List courtesy of Luna Nina

  1. Taking sides:: unproductive
  2. Couples:: pairs
  3. Right of refusal:: Thats an American Law? I have no idea
  4. Marla:: Really odd sounding name not used over here.
  5. Multiple:: Plural
  6. Trinity:: three
  7. Sneeze:: Bless you
  8. Sweatpants:: GROSS name for trackies, suggesting they are worn as a sop rag.
  9. Steve:: load cargo
  10. Fabulous:: Stupendous; outmoded eighties exclamation, gushy.


bulb said...

Those SSRI's finally kicked in eh?

zilla said...

The "too hip" are saying simply "fabu" these days. Ick.

So what do you call a sweatshirt? I know a sweater is a jumper ... sweatshirt must be different?

Anonymous said...

any item of clothing with the word sweat in it worries me... especially when sweat and pants are combined.... yuk indeed.