20 February 2006

Intelligence tests

Remember those two IQ tests we played at?

The name for those things (366 DIALY = 366 days in a leap year) is DITLOIDS. Its always written in capital letters as 'ditloid' is a ditloid of something, itself. She Weevil knows of what, I'm certain, but I can't remember

I was right that SheWeevil would get more correct answers than me last time, and the reason I was certain is this - She-W loves these things. Loves 'em so much She's even a dab hand at composing them, which is exactly what has happened today.

So, if the last lot got you hooked then go HERE (quickly) and play at a new set of 20. This time the answers go in the comments. Fun!


She Weevil said...

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Writer Mom said...

I forgot to say "hi" before going over!