02 February 2006

Sometimes It Takes More Than Time.

I never knew you'd done it, see. These tiny battle scars we wear!
Love chafes a heart, or scrapes a knee, and dots its damage here and there.
We both are calloused round about, with thickened skin where once we'’d bruised;
Old wounds may feel a second clout, but nevermore feel so abused.

See, love is more than hopes and dreams; it flourishes in bitter days.
The bond of war-torn brothers seems so similar, in many ways,
And here we are. The years have flown since that small thorn had pierced my skin.
I thought it gone for good, you'’ve known; but now it seems it burrowed in.

Back then, you didn'’t understand and consequently didn'’t fuss;
I cried, we rowed, I took my stand, but life and love moved on with us.
Today your unexpected words of gentleness and real concern
Fell, like a kiss, upon my skin. It startled me to feel them burn.

The briny tears of sweet relief and yet resentment, all combined
Bring joy and healing, yes and grief, to wait so long for words so kind.
I promise dear, I never knew I'’d held that in so strong and deep.
But you and I, our love is true. Excuse me, while I go, and weep.



Writer Mom said...

So curious of the thorn.

Very touched, though.

Steve said...

Yeah I think you are a bit touched as well rofl Sorry couldnt resist, you can always rely on me to break the mood . I'll get me coat

doris said...

[mood back on] Awwwwww :-)

Cheryl said...

Thank you. I am looking at this and cringing - a word used twice in one line, then a word rhymed with itself, and more. Its also very formal English which is stilted and not an easy read, out loud. Call it a work in progress.
I would LOVE to play speed rhyming, but the family is home and its the weekend, I would get told off!

Monday, okay? :-)

fineartist said...

Wow, that is the way it feels here too.

I wonder how much of the meaning that I read in this is your intent or my own experience.

Damn fine writing Cheryl.

jane said...

That's so beautiful

zilla said...


so a bit of cider unleashed inspiration, don't knock it!