05 February 2006

Test Post

Yesterday the blogger / blogspot Help page for known issues said this:

Blogger Bugs

  • Stats collection has been temporarily turned off, so you will not see your post count or recent posts updating on your dashboard or profile. We plan to restore this functionality soon but have needed to turn this feature off for now in order to stabilise our database servers. Once we get this restored, these items will update automatically.
  • Currently, Profile Images must be under 50k in size, and their URLs must be less than 68 characters long.
  • Republishing an entire blog will sometimes get stuck part way through and not finish, though new entries can still be published normally. We are working on improving the database performance to fix this error.

Funny that, it's just what it says today, too.

So, yesterday, I thought I managed to work out why a new post would show up on my blog but not in my list of posts for editing. Noticing spelling errors, the only way I had to correct them was to Ctrl+C copy the whole text from my published page, and paste it into a brand new entry.

I only managed to enter a test comment if I did it the instant the post was created.

This morning I signed in and, sure enough, the list of posts and the blog have coordinated again - not by updating the dashboard, but by changing the blog to match the dashboard. Bye bye post.

Since the same 'Known Issues' are apparently in effect, I have to guess the same will happen to this one?

What joy.


bart said...

ties in wonderfully with the "joys of technology" meme i occasionally come back to when i'm in a sarcastic mood (or perhaps just a little pissed off...)

incidentally, if they're "known issues", should we be really, really afraid if "unknown issues" turn up?

Cheryl said...

Yay! You can comment!

Thanks, Bart :-)

Ivy the Goober said...

Yesterday I could hardly leave anyone a comment on their current post, but I could if I would go to their next most recent. Pretty frustrating. And for several hours couldn't even get in to view many of the sites I visit, including my own.

doris said...

Hmm. I've been elsewhere and too busy to blog or read or comment so haven't noticed BUT... I did get three email notifications of one coment posted and those email notifications are spread out over a 12 hour period!

The Jamoker said...

yes...it's been a tough weekend to be a blogspot blogger...all kinds of issues (known and unknown)...

all the blogging elite LOVE wordpress...so, I did this --> http://jamoker.wordpress.com/ in order to lessen my annoyance...

Badaunt said...

It's working! Oh, joy!

Am I the only one who got to read the Pratchett post? (Three times, no less.)